COVID-19 Response - Increased Anti-Contamination Procedures

As the situation around the COVID-19 continues to develop, we believe that everyone in our community should feel safe in being able to access products and services without fear for their health and safety.

TechHeaven, and all business' like ours, are required to regularly handle devices that are often considered to be the least hygienic in our everyday lives. Not only does this expose us to a heightened risk of transmission, it puts our business in a unique position where contamination may occur between devices, and subsequently their owners despite not making any direct physical contact.

As usual the health and safety of our staff and customers is of paramount importance. We want to assure all customers that as a business, we are prepared to handle the increased risk that this situation presents to all of us and we have proactively enacted what we refer to as Level 2 Anti-Contamination Procedures. 

What does this mean?
Internally, our Level 1 Anti-Contamination Procedures were implemented 2 weeks ago and means that all devices are disinfected upon check-in to prevent staff exposure. Customer accessible chairs and tables are disinfected at least twice per day and medical-grade hand sanitiser was distributed to customer-accessible areas.

Effective immediately, we're observing Level 2 Anti-Contamination Procedures which expands on the procedures already in place. The following additional procedures are effective immediately:

  • All surfaces (not just customer accessible) are disinfected in 30 minute intervals;
  • Staff are required to use hand sanitiser between interactions, or every 30 minutes (whichever is lesser);
  • All shelves and accessories are removed for individual disinfection at least once per day;
  • Floor disinfection will occur at least twice per day, more regularly whenever practical;
  • Air conditioner disinfectant rate has been increased by 300%;
  • Front door sensor range has been increased by 20% to open earlier and prevent unnecessary contact.

Please be aware that we may see slightly increased lead-times for repairs as a result of the disinfection process. While we only anticipate delays of a few minutes here and there, we appreciate your patience during this time.

What's next?
Our aim is to remain open and available as per our regular operating hours and we hope that by proactively increasing our readiness levels we will remain in a position to do so. We are an essential support service for a large number of our business and consumer clients and our readiness levels have been designed with the continuation of key support services in mind.

We are not currently anticipating an increase to our Anti-Contamination Procedures, however we remain ready to respond. If required, our Level 3 procedures will see all administrational staff working from home and key technical staff operating with essential clients only. In the most extreme circumstances, and where directed by Queensland Health, Level 4 procedures will see complete store closure and staff isolation.

We will continue to monitor the situation at hand and make adjustments to these policies as necessary.

From myself and the TH family, we wish you all good health during these challenging times.

- Tony Soelberg