Good Vibes Only

Back in October 2019 we began the Good Vibes Only campaign to highlight the need for change and to start a conversation around the way that staff of businesses, primarily customer-facing staff, are treated while performing their duties. Retail and hospitality staff in particular suffer at the hands of customers who feel its their right to treat another human with disrespect - Often resulting in verbal or physical abuse.
In the years since we started GVO, we see the need for change growing. We see and hear stories about people from all walks of life being subjected to the abuses of entitled customers. In a single week, it isn't uncommon for us to be abused, attacked, or even threatened while performing our jobs. Enough is enough.
Why is this necessary?
It absolutely shouldn't be necessary. If we're tired of it, and you're tired of it, why is it still happening? No person, staff or otherwise, should be exposed to abuse. No person is entitled to treat another person with disrespect. Everyone knows it's happening but without a collective goal, there will be no change.
Who is involved?
Everyone. We invite you all to join us to normalise positive interactions and seeking help. It is our responsibility to make sure everyone knows this is NOT ok and that as workers, we're not alone.
Seek help. Help others. Force change.
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