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Online Service are now available!

So after a hard night of working on our online services, we've finally got the framework up and running.  You can now browse a list of services that we provide and book/pay for those. The idea behind this system is to provide us additional feedback/statistics to help predict our ordering patterns. For any of our regular clients, you'll notice we're forever waiting "For more stock to arrive", this system will reduce those waiting periods and increase customer satisfaction. Do you have to order online?Of course not! We aren't going to force you to book online, that's just silly. It does make things a little easier for us however we aren't going to substitute good ol' fashion customer service. Not today,...

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We finally have a home!

It's not the best, but it's a roof over our head :) We're currently working on getting our Online Services up and running so you can book your service/repair in easily.    Promotional Items:Our new website allows for you to easily secure a promotional item before it sells out. All orders are automatically sent to our sales staff to reserve stock for you.   New payment options:To make things a whole lot easier, we're taking an entirely electronic angle with all of our transactions. We no longer provide cash change for purchases in-store and we allow all services to be prepaid through our Online Services (once activated).    

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