Your Warranty With TechHeaven

Thanks for choosing TechHeaven as your preferred repairer!

If you've had a repair performed in our store, you're entitled to a warranty for those repairs. That warranty covers you for manufacturers faults that occur within a specified amount of time for components that we have replaced. TechHeaven provides a comprehensive lifetime warranty on all repairs additional to your consumer rights. This lifetime warranty extends your 12 month manufacturer guarantee indefinitely until your device fails to operate normally. TechHeaven reserves the right to reduce or remove this Lifetime Guarantee for certain repairs and will advise you at the time of the repair if this occurs. This Lifetime Warranty does also apply to battery replacements for faults however this does exclude battery capacity which is covered by special conditions outlined below. 

14 day Auxiliary Support Period
TechHeaven offers a 14 day Auxiliary Support Period immediately following the completion of a repair. During the 14 days following a repair, TechHeaven will offer free technical support for problems that occur after a repair for functions that are not generally affected by those repairs. This free support period is additional to, and does not affect the warranty guarantees for repairs and/or components directly involved with the repair itself. 

Screen Replacements
Depending on the make and model of your device, a screen replacement can mean one of several things. For most mobile phones (included but not definitive), we'll generally replace the entire display assembly as one repair. This means you're covered for faults with touch responsiveness, lines and flickering and discolouration of the LCD. For some models, we may only replace single components within the display assembly. In cases such as these, you're covered for the function of those components that have been replaced. Please speak with our friendly staff if you need help identifying which category your repair falls into. 

If you are making a warranty claim for a screen replacement, it is a condition that the screen is not cracked or physically damaged in any way. In the past, TechHeaven has applied for an exception to these terms with our suppliers on behalf of some customers however as of 01/10/2014 this practice has been ceased. TechHeaven is no longer able to accept damaged goods in warranty claims and will not offer to make an application on behalf of the customer regardless of whether the problem was present before or after the physical damage occurred. . 

All buttons, cables, sensors, speakers and/or microphone repairs are covered by the same Lifetime warranty outlined above for all brands. This warranty is void if the device is liquid damaged and/or disassembled after the repair is performed.

All batteries are covered by a Lifetime Warranty for faults however special conditions apply to capacity. Reduced capacity is considered normal wear-and-tear for all batteries and warranty coverage is determined based on the number of charge cycles and actual capacity. All batteries for mobile devices are guaranteed to hold at least 80% of their original design capacity for a minimum of 500 charge cycles. Faults with the in-built battery power management system (battery circuitry) are covered by a Lifetime Warranty. 

The most common fault with Li-Ion batteries is a breakdown of the membrane that directs power output from the battery cell to the batteries in-built management system. In most cases, this reaction will result in the battery cell swelling. There are two reasons that this occurs:
1) Age -
Wear and tear on the battery cell will eventually result in the cell structure breaking down. This is normal and swelling usually takes weeks to months before failure. The battery will have a noticeably reduced capacity when swelling occurs as well as a noticeable lift/separation of chassis/rear glass/display.  A small percentage of batteries will experience accelerated aging as a result of a manufacturing defect. If you battery has less than 500 charge cycles counted, this would be considered a warranty concern. Please note: This type of fault is slow moving and provides ample time to safely return the device to our store for inspection. TechHeaven does not take responsibility for damage to chassis, rear glass panels, or displays for this kind of issue. 
2) Extreme Temperature
If your device has been exposed to temperatures outside of the manufacturers specifications (either hot or cold), this will result in a sudden deterioration of the cell structure and may cause the battery to immediately expand or explode. This is not considered a warranty concern. 

If you have a warranty concern, you are required to immediately power down the device and return it to our store at 2/405 Bayswater Road, Garbutt 4814 QLD during business hours for inspection. TechHeaven does not take responsibility for damage that occurs to your device prior to inspection or other damage to surrounding components. We do not accept phone calls or pictures of the device in lieu of a physical inspection. If you are unable to bring the device into the store please call our store on 47958251 to make arrangements. 

NOTE: All warranties are void if the device is liquid damaged or disassembled by a Technician that is not approved by TechHeaven. We use technology to register unauthorised access and liquid damage to the device and will void warranty upon inspection if these indicators have been damaged. 

In cases where a warranty claim is accepted but your device is physically damaged (only components where physical damage does not void the warranty) you may be required to rectify that physical damage before warranty repairs can be carried out. Example: Your iPhone 7 requires a replacement battery which is covered under warranty but your screen is broken. You will be required to replace the screen prior to the battery replacement being completed because the screen needs to be removed to access the battery and will not be reusable.  

TechHeaven reserves the right to charge a $40 service fee for claims outside of our warranty terms listed above. Any applicable fees will be discussed with you prior to the commencement of any works/assessments.