SCAM ALERT - TechHeaven Mobiles


We have recently been made aware of a scam making the rounds using Facebook as the prime platform. This scam uses a multi-layer approach to fake legitimacy - it involves a Facebook Page made to look similar to ours that posts Marketplace advertisements to 'sell' mobile phones and other electronics. This page and the Marketplace ads that it controls are not affiliated with us.

We currently believe that the individuals/organisation behind these acts are requesting payments from customers online and then proceeding to send them into our store to collect the 'goods' which do not exist.

Please only contact us by our official Facebook page ( which only uses our official business name with no additions (such as / We will never request payments via Facebook or online.



We have already begun tracing the individuals behind these scams and providing all relevant information to the Federal Police who are assisting with this investigation. If you have any relevant information relating to this or another scam involving our business, please reach out to us via phone (47958251) or email (



If you have been affected by this or another scam that has taken money from you, please contact your local police station to make a report. These matters are categorised as Fraudulent transactions and we are currently unable to assist victims directly. We may provide advice where appropriate however the Queensland Police (QPS) have advised that victims should contact them directly.

Our advice from QPS is that Fraud related matters can only be reported in-person at your local Police station and cannot be lodged online with PoliceLink.


We know that doing business online can be daunting and our aim is to remove this threat as quickly and quietly as possible with the least amount of damage to the public. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on 47958251.

-Tony, Manager